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This site links to Poetry and Curriculum (electronic downloads, hardbound, and softcover) for state approved public and private schools.

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Social Poetry: Where can people turn to find hope in a troubled world? With violence, political upheavals, and despair filling the airwaves and pages of local and International news, there is need for a moral, ethical, and encouraging presence. Social Poetry is a vehicle to build more creative people who have what it takes to respond quickly, decisively, and appropriately to changes in neighborhoods, political environments, and racial or economic intolerance. Our Authors are Poetry Consultants to diverse groups. They provide poetry for Organizations Retreats, Services, and Meetings. Poetry is re-emerging into the mainstream of political correctness. The deepest feelings at Princess Diana's funeral were expressed in poetic verse and poetic lyrics. Poetry has always been, and will increasingly become, a means of positive social change.

Business Poetry: Poetry is able to connect the hearts of executives, attorneys, accountants, managers, and sales persons with their occupations and their home life. Corporate visionaries have helped design a program with the State of California called 'School to Work' which emphasizes Poetry and the other arts as a vehicle to build more creative multidimensional managers. Creative people have what it takes to respond quickly, decisively, and appropriately to changes in markets, innovations, distribution, and customer service. Our Authors are Poetry Consultants to Fortune 1000 Companies. They provide poetry for their Retreats, Executive Speeches, Marketing Materials, and Public Relations.

Poetry Workshops: We must teach the creative writing skills that will be a prerequisite for industry and cultural interaction in the new millennium.

Author: Andrew Mealey

Andrew has been writing poetry for over 30 years and demonstrates flexibility in designing effective verse for diverse topics, varying business climates, and current events. He maintains several poetry websites. Experienced in Manufacturing, Marketing, Management, and Retailing, Mr. Mealey communicates well with current and future business leaders. Hosting the Burbank Barnes & Noble Poetry Group, Poetry Workshops, and The Living Poets' Society inspires Andrew with fresh material and insight. A native resident of Los Angeles, he spends his free time with his wife and six children.

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